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Proteomics and metabolomics


Coordinator of the Network
Garry Corthals / tel. +358-2-333 8889 / garry.corthals (at)
BioCity Turku - Åbo Akademi University and University of Turku
Turku Proteomics Facility - Turku Centre for Biotechnology


The covers the technology platforms in (1) proteomics & protein characterisation and (2) metabolomics, thereby representing a network diverse in applications and methodologies. In establishing the network we have embarked on an ambitious plan to link independently operating national service laboratories, combining experience and resources to offer a nationally coordinated national technology platform.


The broad field of proteomics is an essential technology in biosciences that underpins strategically important areas in academia and biotechnology, enabling characterisation and temporal and spatial quantitation of proteins at various locations in practically all biological systems. It also affords measurement and discovery of post-translational protein modifications, protein-protein interactions and protein properties, which are amongst the most sought after applications. Metabolomics is a rapidly emerging discipline dedicated to the global study of metabolites in biological systems, their dynamics, composition, interactions, and responses to interventions. The metabolome can be studied as an intermediate phenotype linking the genotype and the environment.


Information about the personnel, equipment, access, training and other relevant items can be found on


Technology platform service providers


- Institute of Biotechnology Facility (BI), Helsinki

- Biomedicum Facility (BCH), Helsinki
- Oulu Facility (BCO)
- Turku Proteomics Facility (CBT)

Protein characterisation

- Oulu Facility (BCO)
- Tampere Facility (BMT)



- Biocentrum Helsinki (BCH) Metabolomics Unit

- Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM), Helsinki
- Kuopio Metabolomics Center (BCK)

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