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Oct 9, 2014

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Jun 9, 2014

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Research groups

The groups on the following pages are only a selection of groups working in the different biocenters, arranged according to the main field of study. For complete information on each biocenter, please choose Member institutes and visit the webpages of the biocenters.


Bioinformatics & systems biology

Cell and molecular biology

Developmental biology

Genetics & genomics

Microbiology, including virology

Molecular medicine


Plant biology

Structural biology & biophysics



Bioinformatics & systems biology

Corthals Garry (Turku): Quantitative phosphoproteome-wide analysis of cellular systems and patient tissues,


Sampsa Hautaniemi (Helsinki/BCH)

Hautaniemi lab


Holm Liisa (Helsinki/BI)
Holm lab


Johnson Mark (Turku): Structural bioinformatics lab


Juffer André (Oulu): Computer simulation of biological processes
Juffer lab


Knuuti Juhani (Turku): Molecular imaging


Lahesmaa Riitta (Turku): Molecular and systems immunology and stem cell biology
Lahesmaa lab


Niemi Jarmo, Metsä-Ketelä Mikko, Mäntsälä Pekka (Turku): Antibiotic biosynthetic enzymes (ABE)

Antibiotic Biosynthetic Enzymes (ABE)


Petre Ion (Turku): The computational biomodeling laboratory


Vihinen Mauno (Tampere/Lund, Sweden): Protein Structure and Bioinformatics Group

Vihinen lab


Wong Garry (Kuopio): Transcriptomics and bioinformatics tools

Wong lab


Cell and molecular biology

Abankwa Daniel (Turku): Mechanisms and biosensors of GTPases

Abankwa lab


Eriksson John (Turku): Cytoskeletal and survival signaling
Eriksson lab

Eskelinen Sinikka (Oulu): Regulation of the actin-based cytoskeleton in epithelial cells during polarization and malignant transformation
Eskelinen Sinikka lab


Frilander Mikko (Helsinki/BI): Regulation of gene expression in eukaryotic systems

Frilander lab


Heino Jyrki ( Turku): Structure and function of the collagen receptor integrins
Heino lab


Hietakangas Ville (Helsinki/BI): Signaling in growth and metabolism
Hietakangas lab


Hiltunen Kalervo (Oulu): Peroxisomes and mitochondria in lipid metabolism of cells
Hiltunen lab


Ikonen Elina (Helsinki/BCH): The cell biology of cholesterol: mechanisms of intracellular cholesterol transport and human disease

Ikonen lab


Ivaska Johanna (Turku): Cell adhesion and cancer
Ivaska Johanna lab


Jacobs Howy (Tampere): Mitochondrial gene expression and disease group

Jacobs lab


Jänne Olli (Helsinki/BCH): Androgen receptor signalling
Jänne lab


Jokitalo Eija (Helsinki/BI): Morphological determinants of the endoplasmic reticulum

Jokitalo lab


Kaguni Laurie (Tampere and Michifan State University): Finnish Distinguished Professor

Replication and expression of the mitochondrial DNA genome
Kaguni lab


Pekka Katajisto (Helsinki/BI&BCH): Stem cells and aging
Katajisto lab


Liisa Kauppi (Helsinki/BCH): Chromosome stability
Kauppi lab


Kulomaa Markku (Tampere): Development of engineered proteins for bio- and nanotechnology

Kulomaa lab


Kuznetsov Sergey (Helsinki/FIMM): Molecular mechanisms of cancer progression
Kuznetsov lab


Lahesmaa Riitta (Turku): Molecular immunology, stem cell biology and systems biology of cell differentiation

Lahesmaa lab


Lappalainen Pekka (Helsinki/BI): Regulation of actin and plasma membrane dynamics in mammalian cells

Lappalainen lab


Mäkelä Tomi (Helsinki/BI): Cancer-relevant kinases
Mäkelä lab


Manninen Aki (Oulu): The regulatory roles of integrins and extracellular matrix in epithelial cell polarity

Manninen lab


Timo Otonkoski (Helsinki/BCH)

Otonkoski lab


Palvimo Jorma (Kuopio): Stereoid Receptor and Transcription Group
Palvimo lab


Parkkila Seppo (Tampere): Carbonic anhydrases
Parkkila lab


Pesu Marko (Tampere): Immunoregulation
Pesu lab


Silvennoinen Olli (Tampere): Cytokine signaling and transcriptional regulation
Silvennoinen lab


Sistonen Lea (Turku): The heat shock response
Sistonen lab

Spelbrink Hans (Tampere): Mitochondrial DNA maintenance and disease
Spelbrink lab


Taipale Jussi (Helsinki): Growth control and cancer
Taipale lab


Tammi Markku (Kuopio): Hyaluronan in cellular differentiatiation, inflammation and cancer
Tammi lab


Vartiainen Maria (Helsinki): Actin as an organizer of gene expression
Vartiainen lab


Verschuren Emmy (Helsinki/FIMM): Dissecting cellular and biochemical properties of candidate tumor suppressors and oncogenes, aiming to build the molecular constituents of novel cancer networks

Verschuren lab


Virtanen Tuomas (Kuopio):
Virtanen lab


Developmental biology

Jernvall Jukka (Helsinki/BI/BCH): Evolution and development

Jernvall lab


Kotaja Noora (Tampere): Gene expression in male germ cells,
Kotaja lab


Marja Mikkola (Helsinki/BI/BCH): Epithelial morphogenesis – from molecular pathways to cellular behavior
Mikkola lab


Shimmi Osamu (Helsinki/BI): Analysis of TGF-beta type signaling in Drosophila development

Shimmi lab


Thesleff Irma (Helsinki): Regulation of ectrodermal organ development
Thesleff lab


Toppari Jorma (Turku): Male reproductive health, developmental disorders and spermatogenesis
Toppari lab

Vainio Seppo (Oulu): Genetic control of organogenesis
Vainio lab



Genetics & genomics

Aaltonen Lauri A. (Helsinki/BCH): Tumor genomics

Aaltonen lab


Auvinen Petri (Helsinki/BI): DNA sequencing and genomics laboratory


Helariutta Yrjö (Helsinki/BI): Genetic control of wood development

Helariutta lab


Kallioniemi Anne (Tampere): Genomics of breast and pancreatic cancer

Anne Kallioniemi lab


Lehesjoki Anna-Elina (Helsinki/BCH): Mechanisms of neurologic disease: from gene mutation to pathogenesis
Lehesjoki lab


Lohi Hannes (Helsinki/BCH): Canine disease genomics
Lohi lab


Männikkö Minna (Oulu): Genetic factors in common musculoskeletal, eye and ear disorders
Männikkö lab

Palmgren Juni (Helsinki/FIMM FiDiPro):

Palmgren lab


Palotie Aarno (Helsinki/FIMM): Genetics of complex traits
Aarno Palotie lab


Primmer Craig (Turku): Ecological and evolutionary genomics (aka PnP)

Primmer lab


Ripatti Samuli (Helsinki/FIMM)

Ripatti lab


Saarela Janna (Helsinki/FIMM): Genetics of complex neuropsychiatric diseases using cutting edge genetic technologies

Saarela lab


Schleutker Johanna (Tampere): Genetic cancer predisposition, prostate cancer genetics
Schleutker lab

Elisabeth Widén (Helsinki/FIMM): Molecular mechanisms regulating pubertal timing and growth
Widén lab


Winqvist Robert (Oulu): Novel genes and patterns of polygenic factors in heritable predisposition to breast cancer
Winqvist lab



Microbiology, including virology

Bamford Dennis (Helsinki/BCH): Understanding virus evolution through structure
Bamford lab


Hultmark Dan (Tampere and Umeå University): Finnish Distinguished Professor

The immune response in Drosophila

Hultmark lab (BMT)

Kainov Denis (Helsinki/FIMM): Influenza  A  viruses
Kainov lab


Rämet Mika (Tampere): Drosophila and zebrafish models of immune response
Rämet lab


Saksela Kalle (Helsinki/BCH): Protein interactions in cellular signaling and virus-host cell interplay
Saksela lab



Molecular medicine

Alhonen Leena (Kuopio): Genetically modified animal models with altered polyamine homeostasis as disease models

Alhonen lab


Alitalo Kari (Helsinki/BCH): Genes, mechanisms and inhibition of tumor metastasis
Alitalo lab


Corthals Garry (Turku): Translational Proteomics

Corthals lab


Hemminki Akseli (Helsinki/BCH): Oncolytic adenoviruses

Hemminki lab


Isola Jorma (Tampere): Cancer biology
Isola lab


Jalkanen Sirpa (Turku): Cell Trafficking
Jalkanen lab


Kallioniemi Olli (Helsinki/FIMM): Molecular mechanisms of breast and prostate cancer
Genome-scale cancer biology and personalized cancer medicine


Kähäri Veli-Matti (Turku):Skin cancer and proteinase research group

Kähäri lab

Knowles Jonathan K. C. (Helsinki/FIMM FiDiPro)

Translational research and personalized medicine

Lundin Johan (Helsinki/FIMM)

Clinical informatics and image-based diagnostics


Myllyharju Johanna (Oulu): Key enzymes in the synthesis of collagens and the response of cells to Hypoxia

Myllyharju lab


Närvänen Ale (Kuopio): Biomolecule group
Närvänen lab


Peltomäki Päivi (Helsinki/BCH): Epigenetic mechanisms of cancer susceptibility
Peltomäki lab


Pihlajaniemi Taina (Oulu): Roles of the type XIII collagen family and endostatin-containing collagens in the extracellular matrix and cell-matrix interactions
Pihlajaniemi lab


Poso Antti (Kuopio): Drug design and synthesis using computer aided virtual screening methods and the newest synthetic techniques
Poso lab

Poutanen Matti (Turku): Identification of novel drug targets and their mechanisms of action in steroid hormone target tissues
Poutanen lab & Turku Center for Disease Modeling


Savolainen Markku, Herzig Karl-Heinz, and Järvelin Marjo-Riitta (Oulu): Molecular determinants of the metabolic syndrome

Savolainen, Herzig & Järvelin lab


Soininen Raija (Oulu): Analysis of gene functions in vivo by generation and characterization of genetically modified mice

Soininen lab


Visakorpi Tapio (Tampere): Molecular mechanisms of prostate cancer
Visakorpi lab


Wartiovaara Anu (Suomalainen Anu in publications) (Helsinki): Mitochondrial role in disease and aging
Wartiovaara lab


Vähäkangas Kirsi (Kuopio): Chemical carcinogens - kinetics and effects

Vähäkangas lab


Wennerberg Krister (Helsinki/FIMM): Group Wennerberg uses chemical biology and drug discovery approaches to gain new understanding of mitotic, signaling and metabolic events in cancers
Wennerberg lab


Westermarck Jukka (Turku): Cancer cell signaling
Westermarck lab


Ylä-Herttuala Seppo (Kuopio): New gene and recombinant protein-based approaches for treatment of cardiovascular diseases and malignant glioma
Ylä-Herttuala lab



Castren Eero (Helsinki/BCH): Induction of neuronal plasticity the adult brain: mechanisms and applications
Castren lab


Coffey Eleanor (Turku): Protein kinase regulation of brain development and disease

Coffey lab


Courtney Michael (Kuopio): Visualisation and elucidation of signalling pathways in neurodegeneration
Courtney lab


Gröhn Olli (Kuopio): Biomedical NMR research group: Experimental MRI of neurodegenerative diseases
Biomedical NMR lab


Hiltunen Mikko (Kuopio): Molecular and functional genetics

Hiltunen lab

Kaila Kai (Helsinki/BCH): Anion-regulatory proteins and GABAergic transmission in neuronal development, plasticity and disease

Kaila lab


Koistinaho Jari (Kuopio): Immunopharmacology
Koistinaho lab


Pitkänen Asla (Kuopio): Epilepsy Research Laboratory, molecular basis of epileptogenesis

Pitkänen lab

Rauvala Heikki (Helsinki/BCH): Cell surface and extracellular matrix molecules in neuronal development,
plasticity and disorders
Rauvala lab


Rivera Claudio (Helsinki): Interplay between neurotrophic factors and chloride homeostasis
Rivera lab


Saarma Mart (Helsinki): Biology and therapeutic potential of neurotrophic factors
Saarma lab


Soininen Hilkka (Kuopio): Biomarkers and genetics of Alzheimer’s disease
Soininen lab


Tanila Heikki (Kuopio): Neurobiology of memory
Tanila lab


Plant biology

Aro Eva-Mari (Turku): Photosynthetic membranes: biogenesis, regulation and applications in energy production

Aro lab


Kangasjärvi Jaakko (Helsinki/BCH): Plant stress
Kangasjärvi lab


Rintamäki Eevi (Turku): Systems biology of plant chloroplast redox compounds

Rintamäki lab


Schulman Alan (Helsinki/BI): MTT/BI Plant Genomics Laboratory


Structural biology & biophysic


Butcher Sarah (Helsinki): Macromolecular structure and assembly

Butcher lab


Hytönen Vesa (Tampere): Protein dynamics

Hytönen lab


Iwai Hideo (Helsinki): NMR studies of intact proteins by new labeling technologies
Iwai lab


Jaakola Veli-Pekka (Oulu): Structural studies on G protein-coupled receptors: Dynamics, activation and signaling
Jaakola lab


Varjosalo lab (Helsinki)
Varjosalo lab


Papageorgiou Tassos (Turku): X-ray crystallographic studies of proteins
Papageorgiou lab


Permi Perttu (Helsinki): Finnish Biological NMR Center


Raunio Hannu (Kuopio): In vitro and in silico studies of drug safety
Raunio lab


Rouvinen Juha (BCK/Joensuu): Protein crystallography and high-resolution mass spectrometry
Rouvinen lab


Salminen Tiina (Turku): Structural bioinformatics lab


Vallittu Pekka (Turku): FRC Research Group

Wierenga Rikkert K. (Oulu): Structural enzymology: A quantitative approach
Wierenga lab

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