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Jun 9, 2014

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Translational technologies


Coordinator of the Network

Olli Kallioniemi / olli.kallioniemi (at)
Tel. +358 2941 25731, +358 50-4150363
FIMM - Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland


The network coordinates two technology platforms: 1) biobanking and biomarker research, and 2) discovery and proof-of-concept validation of therapeutic molecules.


Finland is well-positioned to play a major role globally in the development of biobanks and biomarker capabilities. Systematic large-scale biobanking activities are ongoing at a few sites, such as at the University of Tampere (with Tampere University Hospital) and in Helsinki (Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)), University of Helsinki/FIMM and HUS). This biobanking platform is linked to the role of FIMM and THL in coordinating Finnish participation in the European-level biobanking infrastructure (Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure, BBMRI). In addition to these large-scale efforts, numerous investigator-initiated sample collections and clinical data sources exist. Automation of sample acquisition and fractionation technologies, as well as generation of arrayed tissue and molecular resources will be developed and demographic and clinical annotation of the samples enhanced. The application and availability of biobanking resources should be improved by groups developing diagnostics, including clinical researchers and companies in Finland.


The second translational research platform will focus on drug discovery and development. This platform is linked to the European EATRIS infrastructure, coordinated in Finland by FIMM. This platform will further develop several existing strong capabilities in Finland, such as chemoinformatics/structural biology, high-throughput screening, as well as in vivo testing. The aim is to facilitate the capabilities for discovering inhibitors to interesting targets, and to carry out proof-of-concept testing in vivo. This platform should optimally bridge the gap between academic research and industrial interests to drug discovery.


Technology platform services

Drug discovery and chemical biology (chairs of the consortium: Olli Kallioniemi & Krister Wennerberg FIMM)


Drug discovery and chemical biology platform website:


Biocentrum Helsinki
- Centre for Drug Research, Arto Urtti

Biocenter Kuopio
- Biocenter Kuopio, Antti Poso

BioCity Turku / Åbo Akademi
- Drug Discovery of Natural Products Laboratory, Pia Vuorela


- High-throughput biolomedicine Unit, Krister Wennerberg


Tissue biobanking; virtual microscopy (chair of the consortium: Johan Lundin, FIMM)

BMT Tampere, Jorma Isola

FIMM, Johan Lundin




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