Proteomics and metabolomics

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The broad field of proteomics is an essential technology in biosciences that underpins strategically important areas in academia and biotechnology, enabling characterisation and temporal and spatial quantitation of proteins at various locations in practically all biological systems. It also affords measurement and discovery of post-translational protein modifications, protein-protein interactions and protein properties, which are amongst the most sought after applications.

Metabolomics is a rapidly emerging discipline dedicated to the global study of metabolites in biological systems, their dynamics, composition, interactions, and responses to interventions. The metabolome can be studied as an intermediate phenotype linking the genotype and the environment.


Helsinki Institute of Life Science - HiLIFE
Institute of Biotechnology Proteomics Unit
Meilahti Clinical Proteomics Core Facility
Biocenter Oulu
BCO Facility
BioCity Turku
Turku Proteomics Facility


Helsinki Institute of Life Science - HiLIFE
BCH Metabolomics Unit: plant metabolomics and metabolomic profiling; targeted and non-targeted analysis of microbial metabolites, analysis of drug metabolites and other synthesis products.
FIMM Metabolomics Unit: high-throughput targeted quantitative metabolomics.
Biocenter Kuopio
BCK Metabolomics Center: non-targeted metabolite profiling for various sample types incl. biofluids, tissues and in vitro material.

Contact persons

Platform Coordinator
Vesa Hytönen / vesa.hytonen(at)
BioMediTech, Tampere 

Proteomics platform partners
TBA, BioCity; Marc Baumann, BCH, Meilahti Clinical Proteomics Core Facility; Markku Varjosalo, BI, Proteomics Unit; Kalervo Hiltunen, BCO, Proteomics and Protein Analysis Core Facility; Vesa Hytönen, BioMediTech, Protein Technologies Facility

Metabolomics platform partners
Seppo Auriola, BCK & Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Chair of the consortium); Tapio Palva, BCH, Metabolomics Unit; Vidya Velagapudi, FIMM, Metabolomics Laboratory