Academy of Finland Granted Biocenter Finland a Roadmap Status for the years 2021-2024

The Academy of Finland published the list of research infrastructures to be included in the Roadmap of National Research Infrastructures 2021-2024. Biocenter Finland was granted the Roadmap status with an overall rating “Excellent”. This list included altogether 29 high-level research infrastructures.

The international evaluation panel stated:
“The unique structure and level of coordination that BF as an RI has today, serves as an example for the efficient use of resources and the increased joint impact of combined infrastructures and know-how. Internationally, BF is a well-recognized example for the support of public life science research”.

The panel acknowledged both the excellent technology platforms as well as the quality and efficiency coordination:
“While …, the biggest synergies are achieved within the 15 platforms, the fact that an overarching structure exists to address common issues and constraints by all partner universities, provides benefits at the strategic and financial level well beyond the nodes and platforms.”

The next key step for Biocenter Finland in its mission to support frontier research in Finland is to apply for instrument investment funding in the FIRI Call in Spring 2021. The decision on which instruments to apply for is based on consultation of the research community, advise of the Scientific Advisory Board and on the technology platforms’ proposals. In line with the BF policy, all new equipment and technologies will be openly accessible to all researcher in Finland as well as non-university users.

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