Biocenter Finland evaluated as excellent in the FIRI midterm evaluation

The Academy of Finland published the results of the Finnish Research Infrastructure Roadmap Midterm Evaluation. Biocenter Finland (BF) was placed in the best possible category – A. The overall rating was “Excellent - Extremely good in international comparison – no significant elements to be improved”.

The international panel who reviewed the infrastructures stated that Biocenter Finland supports high-quality science and supports the national research infrastructure strategy. The panel commented: “BF is an excellent Finnish resource for life-science research, which provides a key backbone to the excellency of this small country in a highly competitive field of research”.

Biocenter Finland is currently preparing an application for the FIRI2018 call. The application is based on proposals from the research community and the BF technology platforms. In line with the BF policy, all new equipment and technologies will be openly accessible to all researcher in Finland as well as non-university users.

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