Biocenter Finland Succeeds in the FIRI2016 Call

Biocenter Finland was successful in the Academy of Finland’s FIRI2016 funding call with an application entitled: “Dissection of protein modifications and metabolites in single cells and diseased tissue as the 2017-2018 Focus Area of Biocenter Finland”. The funded equipment enable setting up services for identification of proteins, metabolites, and their modifications in single-cells or tissue samples. These services will be openly available from 2017-2018 on for academic and non-academic customers in Finland and abroad.

The funded equipment investments further develop and enforce the state-of-the-art technological front and throughput capacity of the existing Biocenter Finland Proteomics and Metabolomics technology platform services that are on high and increasing demand. Furthermore, novel approaches including liquid biopsy and mass cytometry technologies will be incorporated in the Biocenter Finland service portfolio.

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