Lauri Eklund and Mark Daly join the BF Board

Biocenter Finland welcomes two new members into it’s governing board.

University of Oulu nominated Professor Lauri Eklund, director of the Biocenter Oulu Infrastructure Unit, as the university’s representative in the Biocenter Finland board from 1.1.2019. Professor Johanna Uusimaa is the deputy member.

University of Helsinki nominated Professor Mark Daly, director of the Institute of Molecular Medicine Finland FIMM, and Professor Olli Silvennoinen, director of Insitute of Biomedicine, as the University of Helsinki representatives. Professor Tomi Mäkelä director of Helsinki Institute of Life Science HiLIFE continues as the third UH board member. Deputies are Professor Janna Saarela, Professor Sarah Butcher and Dr. Maria Vartiainen.

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