Mass Cytometry Kick-Off

As part of the newly established Biocenter Finland Single-cell omics platform, Mass cytometry has been installed at the Turku Centre for Biotechnology. The workshop is to introduce this new technology and how it can be used in your study. This seminar will give you an introduction to mass cytometry, including a tech overview, applications, workflow and reagents, and the Hyperion Imaging System. Additionally, you will get a data presentation description of the technology service in Turku.

Participation is free of charge - no sign-up required. Refreshments will be served.
Welcome everyone!

March 22nd at 10:00
BTK 5th floor seminar room

Andrius Serva, PhD, Field Application Specialist, Europe, Fluidigm 
Discovery and Functional Profiling with Mass Cytometry 
High order multiplexing of biological samples – from suspension to tissue

Zhi Chen, PhD, Turku Centre for Biotechnology
Helios Mass Cytometry in Turku

Organized by: Turku Centre for Biotechnology; Fluidigm; AH Diagnostic

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