Liquid biopsies

The introduction of personalized treatment of cancer leads to urgent needs for molecular characterization of cancer cells to target disease progression and to monitor therapeutic response. The bottleneck of molecular profiling is the invasive nature and accurate targeting of metastatic lesions to collect informative samples. Liquid biopsy platform is new emerging service provided by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology (MET) - Tampere University. The platform develops technologies for non-invasive analysis of malignant cells or tumor-derived nucleotide acids shed in blood, urine or other bodily fluids. The analysis can be based on free-circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA), isolated exosomes, circulating tumor cells (CTCs) or disseminated tumor cells (DTCs). At the moment, prostate cancer CTC detections based on qRT-PCR (Fluidigm technology) and sequencing of AR aberrations (MiSeq- technology) are available. Several sequencing panels for the ctDNA analysis are under design or validation. The computational tools to analyze ctDNA are also available in the Bioinformatic service provided by MED.

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