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Single Cell -omics platform aims at bringing the latest single cell omics tools available for the research community. Services based on novel instruments are now available for single cell genomics and single cell proteomics to enable cutting-edge research in many areas of molecular biology and molecular medicine.
For single cell genomics Chromium™ instrument by 10X Genomics and InDrop™ and DropSeq™ systems enable thousands of individual cells to be transcriptionally profiled. Fluidigm Polaris™ system enables to select targeted single cells and hold them in environmentally controlled reaction chambers enabling perturbations with RNAseq readout.
For single cell proteomics we will provide services on Helios™ mass cytometry, which can differentiate up to 100 epitopes and obtain high content multiplexed protein data from single-cells. This enables the comprehensive understanding of cell phenotypes and function.

Single-cell genomics

Helsinki Institute of Life Science - HiLIFE
BioCity Turku

Single-cell proteomics

BioCity Turku

Contact persons

Platform Coordinator
Pirkko Mattila / tel. +358 (0) 02941 25812 / pirkko.mattila (at)

University of Helsinki

Platform Partners
Pekka Katajisto (University of Helsinki, HiLIFE, BI, single cell proteomics and genomics), Päivi Saavalainen (University of Helsinki, HiLIFE, single cell microfluidics service lab), Pirkko Mattila (University of Helsinki, HiLIFE, FIMM, single cell analytics), Eleanor Coffey (BioCity Turku, single cell proteomics) and Tapio Lönnberg (BioCity Turku, functional single cell genomics)

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