Platform services

The BF Bioinformatics Platform offers top-level expertise for the analysis of various omics and imaging data and data integration. In addition, the Platform provides support for bioinformatics tools and data management, as well as training and consultation. Nationwide support is provided for both basic and advanced tailored data analysis. New data analysis pipelines and workflows are established when new technologies are taken in use among the BF technology platforms.

Additionally, the BF Bioinformatics Platform provides scientific IT to researchers and other BF Platforms that need local expertise in their data management, storage and computing. These operations are organized in collaboration with CSC and ELIXIR.

The BF Bioinformatics Platform provides high-level data analysis support according to available resources, covering e.g. the different areas of bioinformatics:

  • Transcriptomics
  • Genomics
  • Epigenomics
  • Proteomics
  • Metabolomics
  • Microbiomics
  • Structural bioinformatics
  • Liquid biopsy data analysis
  • Screening data analysis (e.g. drug sensitivity & resistance screening)
  • Imaging related to biomedical research
  • In silico modeling and simulation of biological systems

BF Bioinformatics platform nodes

Medical Bioinformatics Centre (University of Turku)
Turku Medical Bioinformatics Centre provides data analysis support for high-throughput data produced using modern biotechnologies.

Structural Bioinformatics Laboratory (Åbo Akademi University)
The unit provides scientific IT and data management support for other BF platforms and national roadmap activities. In addition, support is available for e.g. structural bioinformatics studies, including structure-based analysis of protein-ligand interactions, and effects of mutations, protein relationships.

Bioinformatics Center (University of Eastern Finland)
Bioinformatics Center provides expertise in bioinformatics, data-analysis and data management. We manage high-end computational servers that enable us to provide a wide range of computational services for data management, high-performance scientific computing, web-hosting and software tools used in research and education. 

BI-BIOINFO (University of Helsinki)
The unit provides data analysis support for genomics and transcriptomics using state-of-the-art bioinformatics software and in-house tools in addition to which support is available for the development and application of bioinformatics software. The unit is also hosting several web-based analysis tools/services.

FIMM Bioinformatics (University of Helsinki)
FIMM Bioinformaticians are providing support for computational biology and data science including data analysis related to: NGS data, genotyping and methylation array data, high-content/single-cell imaging data, metabolomics/fluxomics/lipidomics data, drug sensitivity & resistance screening data, digital pathology data. In addition, support is available regarding statistical and machine learning methods and big data and metadata management.

Support is available for in silico modeling and simulation of biological systems, in particular molecular systems such as enzymes and membranes in addition to which the unit can assist in method and software development.

Bioinformatics core (Tampere University)
Bioinformatics facility provides expert support for high through data analysis needs including statistical data analysis.

CSC-Elixir (external node)
CSC (The IT centre for science) develops, integrates and offers high-quality ICT services for research, education, culture, public administration and companies. As part of the European research infrastructure network (Elixir), CSC provides services in cloud infrastructure, authentication and authorization targeted for biomedical organizations, and resources for training and supporting the operation of the BF Bioinformatics platform. The BF Bioinformatics Platform collaborates with ELIXIR Finland and acts as a SAB for ELIXIR Finland. In particular, the BF Bioinformatics Platform works closely with the ELIXIR Finland node to provide local access points to the resources and services offered through guidance, training and technical assistance.


Platform Chair:
Laura Elo (laura.elo (at)
University of Turku

Platform Coordinator:
Asta Laiho (asta.laiho (at)
University of Turku

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