Non-mammalian model organisms

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Most important physiological mechanisms are conserved in evolution, and therefore it is possible to use genetically tractable model organisms such as the fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster) and zebrafish (Danio rerio) to study genetic diseases, and also complex diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases or diabetes.

These non-mammalian research models have several benefits, such as their short developmental time and scale for genetic analysis. Moreover, several molecular genetic techniques, including RNA interference (RNAi) for Drosophila and morpholino injection technique for zebrafish, are readily available.

Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology - MET (Tampere University)
Zebrafish Facility at MET Tampere University
Drosophila Facility at MET Tampere University

Helsinki Institute of Life Science - HiLIFE
Hi-Fly Drosophila laboratory
Zebrafish laboratory, Helsinki


Platform Coordinator
Jan Kaslin, MET, Tampere University

Non-mammalian model organisms platform partners
Pertti Panula, Neuroscience Center, HiLIFE, Zebrafish Unit Helsinki, Mataleena Parikka, MET, Zebrafish Facility at Tampere University; Susanna Valanne, MET, Drosophila Facility at Tampere University; Ville Hietakangas, Helsinki Drosophila facility

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