“X-ray and neutron diffraction studies of macromolecules: from data collection to structures” (Oulu, Finland, May-15 to May-19, 2017)

From May-15 to May-19, 2017 we organise our iNEXT course; “X-ray and neutron diffraction studies of macromolecules: from data collection to structures” in Oulu. It is organized in the context of the iNEXT Horizon2020 project (http://www.inext-eu.org ), together with Diamond (Oxford, UK), Biocenter Oulu and the Health and Biosciences Doctoral Programme of the University of Oulu.  This full course consists of lectures and tutorials. The tutorials are only for the registrated students who have initially applied to attend the full course. However the 15 lectures are free for everyone who is interested. Researchers who follow all the lectures will receive a certificate for 1 ECTS credit. A detailed program is available at http://www.oulu.fi/biocenter/instruct-nac/courses/oulu. All lectures are at the FBMM premises on the Kontinkangas campus of the University of Oulu.

Briefly, the lectures of the course will include an introduction on the methods of protein crystallography (Rupp), neutron crystallography (Oksanen/Podjarny) and SAXS/SANS-approaches (Tukkanen). Also data collection at synchrotrons (Thunnissen, Aller, Powell), new perspectives when using the new long-wavelength beamline at Diamond (Wagner) and when using XFEL-technology (Hajdu) will be addressed. Focused lectures on structure validation (Rupp), X-ray data processing with XDS (Rower) and DIALS (Waterman) and neutron data processing (Oksanen), as well as experimental phasing (Gruene) and molecular replacement phasing (Lebedev) are also included.

On behalf of the local organisers,

Rik Wierenga and Lari Lehtiö

Marja Makarow Appointed as Director of Biocenter Finland

The rectors of Biocenter Finland partner Universities have nominated Professor Marja Makarow as new director of Biocenter Finland.

Marja Makarow ends her term as vice president of the Academy of Finland – the Finnish research Council in June. She is former vice rector for research, researcher training and innovation (2003-2007) and professor of applied biochemistry and molecular biology of  the University of Helsinki. In 2008-2011 she served as chief executive of the European Science Foundation in Strasbourg France. She chairs Technology Academy Finland and serves on the governing board of the European Institute for Innovation and Technology EIT.

Marja Makarow will start her appointment as Biocenter Finland Director in July 2016.


Further information:

Coordinator  antti.siltanen(at)helsinki.fi 

Secretary anu.taulio(at)helsinki.fi



EMBO Conference: The biochemistry and chemistry of biocatalysis: From understanding to design

June 12 - 15, 2016

Oulu, Finland

The EMBO Conference focuses on fundamental and applied aspects of biocatalysis, with an emphasis on the impact that enzyme research has at the interface of biology and chemistry. The sessions will cover an array of topics including computational, chemistry and structural approaches, as well as directed evolution, bioinformatics and spectroscopic methods, aimed towards better understanding of enzyme mechanisms and mechanisms of complex multifunctional enzyme systems, in vitro and in vivo. The importance of the electrostatic and dynamical properties of enzymes will be addressed. The impact of this knowledge for drug discovery research and research on non-natural biocatalytic systems will be highlighted. Established and emerging scientists from academic and industrial settings will be available to stimulate discussion and provide perspective on the topics of this conference. We strongly encourage participation of students and postdoctoral associates, providing opportunities for discussion and networking. Oral presentations chosen from submitted poster abstracts will provide additional opportunities for discussing new and innovative ideas. The speakers are encouraged to give a brief introduction of the field in which they work and allow for sufficient time for discussion.

For more information: http://events.embo.org/16-biocatalysis/ 

Call for Biocenter Finland Director

Biocenter Finland (www.biocenter.fi) is a distributed nation-wide infrastructure network organization for biosciences in Finland. It is governed by six partner universities; Universities of Eastern Finland, Helsinki, Oulu, Tampere, Turku and Åbo Akademi.

The mission of Biocenter Finland is to maintain and develop national technology platform services and, by this means, to support top-level research in Finland and facilitate development and acquisition of new technologies. Biocenter Finland is one of the Finnish Research Infrastructures (FIRI; current roadmap 2014–2020).

Biocenter Finland invites applications for a position of


The position is part-time (50%), and the appointment will be from March 1, 2016 to December 31, 2020.

The Director of Biocenter Finland has an important visionary position within the Finnish bioscience community. The principal task of the Director is to maintain collaboration among the host universities and facilitate the function and development of infrastructure services and their strategy within the the field of biosciences.

The responsibilities of the Director are:

• to direct and develop Biocenter Finland activities and co-ordinate the network functions among

  the host universities and their biocenters

• to monitor the developments in the areas represented by Biocenter Finland as well as to maintain

  and develop the network’s national and international activities

• to manage the network’s finances

• to prepare and present the issues that belong to the Board of Biocenter Finland and to implement

  the Board’s decisions

The Director can have his/her own research group.

A successful candidate for the directorship is expected to be a professor or to have a doctoral degree, and to possess experience in the research fields represented by Biocenter Finland and in leadership positions. Experience in international expert positions and knowledge about international research and infrastructure policies are additional merits. English and Finnish are the working languages of Biocenter Finland.

The provisional time of commitment is 50%. The Director will be employed by the University of Helsinki acting as the Biocenter Finland coordination university currently. The salary is negotiable and commensurate with the candidate’s accomplishments within the remuneration system of the University of Helsinki.

Applications should be addressed to the Board. International experts will be used to evaluate the applicants’ accomplishments and qualifications. The Director is appointed by the Rector’s Council of Biocenter Finland based on a proposal of the Board. The contract is made with the Rector of the University of Helsinki.

The application is to include a short description (max. 3 pages) of the ways by which the applicant plans to develop Biocenter Finland activities during his/her tenure together with curriculum vitae and list of publications. The application and its appendices should be sent by January 21 at noon (+2 GMT) by email to Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen..

For additional information, please contact Professor Olli A. Jänne (Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen.), Director of Biocenter Finland or members of the Board.

BF Board meetings in spring 2016

BF Board meetings in spring/summer 2016:

08.02.2016, 9:15  12:00

15.03.2016, 9:15  12:00 

03.06.2016, 11:00 – 14:00

6th Sino-Finn Life Science Forum

17-18, August, 2015
Lecture Hall 2, Biomedicum Helsinki,  Haartmaninkatu 8, Helsinki, Finland

This symposium entitled “6th Sino-Finn Life Science Forum: From System Biology to Translational Medicine” will mainly focus on the latest and exciting innovations in the area of molecular biology and medicine, functional genomics and computational biology, clinical investigation and translation based on big data.

Since 2008, Sino-Finn Life Science Forum has been successfully held for 5 times. Through this platform, many respected scientists of life science from both Finland and China have presented their latest work, communicated with each other, and establishED various types of collaborations.

As a follow-up event of Sino-Finn Life Science Forum, the upcoming symposium provides a good opportunity of communication for the eminent scientists and investigators in the field of system biology and translational medicine from both Finland and China. Moreover, this symposium will provide a bilateral platform for all participants and young researchers/students to network and perceive scientific interactions for the future development in the related field.



Advanced Techniques for Quantitative Microscopy

Turku BioImaging arranges Advanced Microscopy Workshop in Turku on August 11-12, 2015 with technology and application expertise from the world-leading imaging center Janelia Research Campus. The workshop is followed by the Bridging Nordic Imaging -seminar (August 13-14) which further expands on the themes of the workshop.


Please find more information: http://www.bioimaging.fi/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Poster_JE_no_2.jpg

Bridging Nordic Imaging - enabling discoveries from atoms to anatomy

BRIDGING NORDIC IMAGING – ENABLING DISCOVERIES FROM ATOMS TO ANATOMY -network was established for efficient collaboration between Nordic countries and to jointly work towards a better research community and improved options for both biological and medical imaging.
Bridging Nordic Imaging -network arranges a seminar series to bring together researchers and students from Nordic countries for improving interdisciplinary research and to combining the biological and medical imaging technologies and expertise. 
First seminar will take place on 13-14.8.15 in Turku. 
Information about the network and seminar: http://www.bioimaging.fi/nordic-imaging/
At the same time with this event, two Finnish Bioimaging network meetings will take place. Finnish Bioimaging network will have its first meeting on the 12th of August and meeting for Finnish bioimaging core facility staff will be arranged (date will be confirmed later).


Meeting of BF board with network coordinators, platform chairs and ESFRI representatives

Joint meeting of BF board members, coordinators of infrastructure networks and chairs of technology platforms will be organised on January 12, 2015. Also Finnish national coordinators/contact points of BMS (Biological and Medical Sciences) ESFRI projects have been invited to this meeting where important issues about the future development of BF will be discussed.



XXVI Paulo Foundation Symposium entitled "From Atomic Structures to Disease Mechanisms" and FINNBOX satellite meeting in June 2015

The Biocenter Finland structural biology network will hold a 1 day meeting dedicated to Finnish structural biology research and technical advances 9th June 2015, in Helsinki. It will be held as a satellite meeting to the Paulo Foundation Symposium "From atomic structures to disease mechanisms" (10-12th June). The new NMR magnet will be inaugurated as part of the satellite meeting.

XXVI Paulo Foundation Symposium entitled "From Atomic Structures to Disease Mechanisms", 10-12th June, 2015, Helsinki, Finland

"Our rationale for this symposium is both scientific and clinical. Scientifically, understanding the molecular details of energy metabolism is fundamental to our understanding of life. Clinically, brain diseases affect a large number of people, and yet therapeutic approaches are limited. Recent advances in structural biology and biophysics, especially in receptors and their signalling, will now allow, in principle, development of conceptually novel drugs that could modify disease progression. It is thus critically important to bring people in these areas together to find ways and means to make these breakthroughs."

Please visit symposium webpages for more information

Satellite meeting FINNBOX

The Finnish structural biology annual meeting (FINNBOX) will be held as a satellite to this symposium. The meeting will take place on June 9 in seminar room 3401, Biocenter 3, Viikinkaari 1. The program will be based on the submitted abstracts.

Registration for the symposium can be done using the following e-form

Deadline for registration & abstract submission is April 15, 2015.

BF Annual Report 2013 published

BF Annual Report 2013 has now been published. The report summarizes the activities of the technology platforms in 2013.

- "Year 2013 was an exceptionally busy one and full of changes for Biocenter Finland (BF)." Director Eero Vuorio

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Biocenter Finland user survey 2013

The first Biocenter Finland (BF) user survey was conducted in March 2013 in order to get information on the use and performance of BF technology platforms built up during the period of 2010–2012.

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Seppo Ylä-Herttuala continues as the Chairman of Biocenter Finland board

In 2013, Academy Professor Seppo Ylä-Herttuala (Biocenter Kuopio, University of Eastern Finland) will continue as the Chairman, and Professor Jyrki Heino (Biocity Turku, University of Turku) as the Vice-Chairman of the Biocenter Finland board.

The next board meetings are organized on March 15, 2013 and May 3, 2013.

Evaluation of BF activities in 2010-2012

The international evaluation of BF activities in 2010-2012 will take place in June 10-11, 2013. This will be combined with the evaluation of applications for support for bioscience technology platforms for 2014-2016. The call for BF technology platform support will be published on this website in February 2013.

Biocenter Finland evaluation under way

Biocenter Finland Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is currently evaluating BF technology platforms. During Monday August 22 and Tuesday August 23 the SAB evaluates the current technology platforms and new proposals for technology platforms and emerging technologies.

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Funding decisions 22.9.2010

In its meeting on 22nd September the Board of Biocenter Finland made funding decisions on "Provision of support to research career development in biocenters". Funding is granted for following applicants:

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